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Twenty Year Reunion Summer 2016!

Posted by nmg1 on February 6, 2016

Happy Superbowl 50 Weekend!  Best friends and fellow alumni will be gathering together this weekend – some to watch the game, others to watch the commercials, and the rest to socialize — and some of the conversation will be about summer plans.  One thing I’m planning for this summer is our twentieth reunion!  June 9-12, 2016 at Cornell University.  For details, see this link: and since reunion is more fun with friends, we are going to use the time between commercials and touchdowns to figure out where we’ll be staying and when everybody will be driving up and back.

To stay in touch with our class, it is also a great time to renew your class dues. Dues are $60 and include a subscription to the Cornell Alumni Magazine. Couples dues are $70 and include one magazine subscription. Dues only, not including the magazine, are $35. There is also an opportunity to contribute to our Class of 1996 Scholarship Fund. You may read information about our scholarship recipient here.

Click here to go to the Cornell Class Dues website to participate online. 

On a fun note, Cornell has added some neat email postcards with photographs from around campus to the alumni website.  Here’s one example – click on the picture to see all of them:




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