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Class of 1996 Scholarship Recipient for 2014

Victoria Kiss ’14, College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Economics and Government.

I chose Cornell because it is a beautiful, historical school that attracts students from a variety of backgrounds.  I was excited to be around people who love to learn.

I was completely thrilled and in shock when I read my acceptance letter.  Neither of my parents attended college and they both were crying.  I knew immediately that I was going to have an incredible four years here.

I love the government department in Arts & Sciences.  The professors are all remarkable and have challenged my viewpoints and the way I go about processing world events and issues today.  I feel that my experience in the College of Arts & Sciences, in general, has been eye opening.  I have really come to gain an appreciation for the world of liberal arts and feel that it has made me a more well-rounded person.

Throughout my time at Cornell, I have always remembered how fortunate I am to be here given my family’s financial circumstances, and I believe that sentiment has driven me to learn as much as I can while here and challenge myself as much as possible.  Although my sisters both laugh at how much more “nerdy” I’ve become with each year here, I’ve returned home each semester filled with more exciting knowledge and more aspirations for the future.  Cornell is truly a place where I have been able to thrive and be happy.

I would like to say that without you and without Cornell’s financial aid system, I would never have had the opportunity to attend Cornell.  I am incredibly grateful and I look forward to the day that I, too, can give back to help future students finance their education at Cornell.


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