Cornell Class of 1996 Alumni Association

Keeping Cornell ’96 alumni in touch and having fun


Class Membership

Sometimes it seems like there are a million Cornell organizations pleading for your time, money, and commitment… including your esteemed class. Why do we collect dues? Where does the money go? Everything you always wanted to know about dues but were afraid to ask!

Where your dues are going…


  • Class of 1996 Website
  • Regional Events
  • Homecoming Tailgates
  • Newsletters
  • And Much More

Reunion Planning:

  • Help lower resgistration fees
  • Support regional mini-reunion events
  • Defray mailing costs

Cornell Magazine (optional):

Current dues are:

  • $60 – Regular Dues, including Cornell Magazine subscription.
  • $70 – Couples (both Class of ‘96) includes one subscription.
  • $35 – Dues only; no subscription
  • $15 – Foreign postage charge for subscriptions outside U.S.

To pay your class dues, email the alumni at, call 607-255-3021, mail your class dues payment to: Cornell University, PO Box 25841, Lehigh Valley, PA 18003-9695, or you can pay your dues online.


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